Economy is the result of quality achieved throughout the entire product realization process.

Telecom industry research indicates that over 35% of cables in some applications can fail within the first year of use. Alarmingly, 20% of these may need replacement annually. These high instances of failure represent a significant cost to OEMs in the telecom marketplace. Unlimited Services recognizes that these industry failure rates place a heavy burden on telecom OEMs, and stringent design and manufacturing standards have been developed to minimize and eliminate the significant negative cost of poor quality to its telecom customers.

Unlimited Services works as a partner with its telecom OEM customers to insure that all cables and assemblies will work consistently over time as a result of proper design realization and stringent manufacturing process capabilities. Over time, Unlimited Services’ telecom cable assemblies will deliver accurate, consistent, and repeatable performance, ensuring that electronic components will perform as promised.

Telecom OEMs are under constant demand to increase performance in difficult environmental conditions. Unlimited Services’ engineering staff are ready and able to assist in evaluation of products for withstanding temperature extremes, high humidity, or continuous movement.

In the fast-turn telecom market, our OEM customers demand not only that we manufacture to the highest standard, but also that we work with them to realize new products on aggressive
and tight timelines. Unlimited Services is a partner for today’s product, and tomorrow’s technological advancement.