Wire harness and cable assembly designs in the industrial wire harness and cable assembly market are often more stabilized than in many other market segments.

Production schedules, however, can be quite volatile. The rush to sell what is selling that day or to adjust to seasonal demand fluctuations can make production schedules hectic.

Unlimited Services’ unique LEAN enterprise manufacturing and operational processes allow us to adapt to your ever-changing wire harness and cable assembly needs. Delivering the wire harness or cable assembly you need today on time and built correctly. Ready to respond to your changing wire harness and cable assembly requirements for tomorrow.

The benefits that a partnership with us will bring to you and your organization are significant. Lead times are minimized, work-in-process is kept to a minimum, and you’ll have the wire harness and cable assemblies you need built correctly and delivered on time, every time.

Wire Type / Circuits

  • All industrial UL wire types, discrete and multi-conductor
  • 1/0 to 28 gauge
  • 1 to 100 circuits
  • Ground straps and battery cables
  • Pendants and cordsets


  • Butt splicing
  • Parallel splicing amp Dyna-Crimp

Main Connector/Termination Types

  • Molex, Amp, Panduit, and Deutsch

Cut / Strip

  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • High-speed auto term

Marking Capabilities

  • Hot stamp (up to eight characters)

Wire Harness Assembly

  • Freehand
  • Analyzed test fixture boards
  • Hand solder