Setting The Standard

Flow Manufacturer

We produce your product and flow material into your plant according to your product schedule in order to minimize your inventory costs.

Lean Manufacturer

Our internal processes are designed for maximum throughput and productivity. These processes reduce order lead times and make your product available when you need it.

Engineering Support

Our prototype services help speed your new products to market. Our technical support staff assists in completing documentation of your product.

Excellent Customer Service

We have been recognized by top industry OEMs for our quick response time and customer support.

Integrated Information System

Our technology allows for fast communication and quick turnaround of bids and prints. We strive to be an outsourced extension of your business.

Braiding To Your Specifications

Harness braiding is our standard. Braiding the harness provides abrasion protection and increases the integrity of the harness assembly.

Low Total Investment

We work as part of your manufacturing team to develop a harness and/or panel program designed to reduce your total manufacturing costs.

Easy to Work With

Direct communication with our engineering support team and production-floor team leaders makes it possible to accommodate your changing schedules.

Amphenol Unlimited Services — Your Flexible Wire Harness & Control Panel Partner!