Severe Service Duty

There may not be a more severe duty cycle for an on-road wire harness application than a cement mixer application. The combination of corrosive agents, vibration, and high-duty cycles in peak season will destroy a poorly designed or constructed wire harness.

A harness failure in the field can lead to a forced discharge, or in the worst-case scenario, a load hardened in the mixing drum. Either of these scenarios are extremely costly and must be avoided through highly specialized design and expert craftsmanship in the development and construction of the wire harnesses.

Unlimited Services has decades of experience partnering with cement mixer OEMs developing high-quality, cost-effective solutions for cement mixer applications. Unlimited Services’ engineering team will work closely with your engineers to select appropriate wire, terminals, connectors, backshells, and coverings to withstand the severe service duty of your cement mixer application.

Unlimited Services has the experience and understanding to deliver specialized wire harnesses to your production team that will work out of the box and for years to come. With Unlimited Services as a partner, you will have properly designed and constructed harnesses, giving you and your customers the rock-solid reliability the cement mixer industry demands.