Military Spec Wire and Cable Harnesses for Telecom and Vehicles

ITAR wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing plants located in the USA and Mexico.

The price competition for military programs has never been more intense, and the competition continues to increase. If you cannot find significant cost savings, you risk losing that next big military contract you have been working on for months. Alternatively, you may lose a critical contract you have had for years.

Military Spec Wire Harnesses and Assemblies for Military Applications

Amphenol Unlimited Services can give you the competitive advantage you need to win that next big program and contract. You have months or years invested in your proposal, and you cannot afford to lose it now. Amphenol Unlimited Services has helped customers save over 25% on the cost of military cables assemblies and military wire harnesses, ensuring they win the contract and the business.

If you are struggling to meet cost-saving and profitability goals on programs or contracts you already have, Amphenol Unlimited Services can help reduce your costs on military wire harness and military cable assemblies.

Whether you have a new contract to win, or you have an existing program in which you need to find cost savings, Amphenol Unlimited Services is the military wire harness and military cable assembly supplier you need.

What We Do

Amphenol Unlimited Services is a full-service military wire harness and military cable assembly manufacturer specializing in satisfying customers in the military telecom and military vehicle electronics markets.

Amphenol Unlimited Services delivers the speed and flexibility of a domestic military wire harness and military cable assembly manufacturer with the cost advantage of our Mexican production facility. Our Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico plant is ITAR-certified for military wire harness and military cable production.

When you compare the competition, our offering is unique and delivers the most significant cost savings opportunity in the military telecommunications wire and cable industry.

Amphenol Unlimited Services MLAs

  • CAGE Code: 0XBH2
  • ITAR Certified — DoD MLA in Place to Manufacture ITAR Restricted Products in Guaymas Mexico. Complies with the Berry Amendment DFAR 252.225-7014
  • Those two USML categories are VII (g) — Tank & Military Vehicles; and XI (c) — Military Electronics.
  • Additional MLAs can be added to support your program, if required.