Need to lower your inventory carrying costs or administrative overhead?

Amphenol Unlimited Services will partner with you to develop a customized Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program that will deliver results all the way to your bottom line. Using our customized VMI programs, you can reduce your inventory, reduce purchasing and administrative costs, and consolidate invoices.

Your VMI program will be tailored to your specific needs using returnable containers, scheduled release quantities, weekly-to-monthly shipments, weekly or monthly invoicing, and barcoded paperwork to expedite your receiving.

Our customized VMI programs will allow you to achieve the benefits of having more cash on hand to run your day-to-day business, fund acquisitions, or invest in R&D. Further, the optimized processes will insure that you have the right parts at the exact right time to maximize your productivity. Amphenol Unlimited Services’ VMI programs will enable you to improve the efficiency of your operations and improve your cash position so you can take advantage your next big opportunity.

Contact us to start lowering your costs, improve your cash flow, and increase your productivity today.