E3 Harness Builder Software

Get to the next level of engineering capability and efficiency using our state-of-the-art E3 software for wire harness design and development.

Define the manufacturing length definition on any segment in full scaled drawing.

Automatic Bills of Materials and Wire Schedules reflecting all changes and additions.

Dynamic Dimensioning

  • Online progressive connector table information
  • Application software to break down design for ease of printing to a standard printer
  • Addition of harness physical parts including shrink tubing and cable fasteners
  • Easily rotate complete harness branches
  • Effective splice documentation
  • Automatically or manually assign wires directly in connection tables
  • Addition of cable protection (e.g. shrink tube) and fasteners
  • On line cost estimate of parts used
  • Long lead-time items flagged
  • Assembly time calculated
  • Direct link to all crimping and terminating tools
  • PDF Data sheets hyperlinked from parts
  • Addition of nail points and branch attributes