Wire Harness Prototype Design and Manufacturing

Our prototyping teams are made up of assembly professionals with more than 50 years of combined assembly experience.

These skilled professionals are masters of the art of wiring harness assembly and manufacturing. They will assist you in the development of your wire harnesses, cable assemblies, control panels, or integrated control panel and wire harness or cable assemblies.

Our teams will respond quickly and work closely with you, your team, and your project to help you optimize the form, fit, and function of your harness or cable assembly. They will also make you aware of opportunities to reduce costs, while still achieving comparable or greater quality.

Working as partners during this initial stage can result in a better wire harness, cable assembly or panel, and in turn, reduce the cost of production and improve product reliability.

Are you using valuable engineering resources, building your own prototypes?

Are you forced to order production parts without adequate time to test and optimize your design?

Are you waiting weeks or months for delivery of prototypes from your current supplier?

Are you forced to work with multiple suppliers to develop your wire harness, cable assembly, and/or control panel prototypes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should be taking advantage of our prototyping services and working with one of our prototype teams located at our various plant locations.

Our prototyping services include assistance with layout, routing, materials of construction, component selection, and design for manufacturing. We can develop an accurate cost model in order to provide preliminary cost data and pricing.