Amphenol Unlimited Services recognized that there was a unique opportunity to adapt an industry standard wire harness connector system into an advanced component and released the sealed VES Pac and Splice Pack.

Utilizing these products you can incorporate fuses, shunts, diode boards, and PCB electronics into your wire harness designs.

The VES Pac and the Splice Pack offer the benefits of being very compact, lightweight, simple, and easy to incorporate into your design. You’ll save money while spec’ing in a proven component that utilizes industry standard terminals and seals.

Sealed Splice Pack

The Sealed Splice Pack is a connection system that allows you to eliminate multiple wire splices, providing you with a remote serviceable location on any electrical wiring harness application.

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Sealed VES Pac

VES Pac offers design flexibility for mobile applications. VES Pac can accept diodes, PCB boards, Buss Bars, mini-fuses, and many other options.

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