Mission Critical Quality Every time

Amphenol Unlimited Services’ fire & emergency customers are passionate about quality. When it is 2AM and 20 degrees below zero, that fire truck must start and must perform.

Amphenol Unlimited Services’ fire and emergency customers demand wire harnesses that are built to exacting tolerances with no margin for error. Amphenol Unlimited Services utilizes decades of experience, rigorous training, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and comprehensive quality processes to meet their expectations.

Amphenol Unlimited Services’ fire and emergency customers demand an exceptionally high level of responsiveness. Amphenol Unlimited Services has developed its engineering and production processes to be highly efficient and fast. Our fire and emergency customers routinely need large custom harnesses delivered very quickly in low volumes at competitive prices. Amphenol Unlimited Services’ decades of service to the fire and emergency market have driven us to develop processes that are extremely reliable, and enable us to deliver on-time to our demanding fire and emergency customer.

By partnering with Amphenol Unlimited Services, you will be enabling your team to meet rigid engineering and production schedules, while at the same time making sure that your vehicle will start and perform, whenever duty calls.

Wire Type / Circuits

  • All cross link automotive wire types and colors, including GXL, SXL, TXL
  • From 2/0 battery cable to 24 gauge wire
  • Up to 1,000 circuits

Wire Marking Capabilities

  • Inkjet printing in both black and white ink, 2-inch repeat standard
  • Hot stamp printing as required

Splicing Capabilities

  • High-Performance Ultrasonic splicing with dual walled adhesive heat shrink protective seal standard where specified

Braiding or Loom

  • High Performance, high temperature and chemical resistant nylon standard where braid is required
  • Metal Braiding for EMF shielding or protection
  • Convoluted split loom tubing per your specification, 105°C standard

Wire Harness Connector Types Offered

  • Deutsch products, including DRC, DT, DTM, HD, HDP, J-1939 and more
  • Delphi products including Metri-pak, Weather-Pak, Micro-Pak and others
  • AMP, Molex, Thomas & Betts, and many more

Wire Harness Assembly

  • Electrified dimensional build board with 100% continuity test
  • Mating harness test fixtures for lower production harnesses
  • Ability to free hand build harnesses for prototypes and design validation