Benefits of Our Molded D-Subminiature Connectors

Unlimited Services’ Male and Female Right Angle DB25 Connectors can be utilized in applications that require a custom-shielded cable assembly. Our cable assemblies can offer full 360 degree EMI/RF protection.

Using our overmold on D-Sub cable assemblies will provide the best environmental protection for your cable assembly. Additionally, our overmolded D-Sub cable assemblies have greater durability and built-in strain relief than using D-Sub housings that are not molded onto the cable assembly.

Hex nut screw locks are available on female connectors, and 4-40 thumbscrews are standard. Black and gray mold colors are available as standard, and custom colors are available as an option.

Our Right Angle DB25 overmolds allow your cable design to fit in tight areas where there may not be sufficient clearance to use straight, in-line DB 25 connectors.